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Shameless Pleasures 
11th-Jan-2011 01:54 am
Mac:  Sup Bitches?
Normally I'd all these things guilty pleasures, but I'm in a careless sort of mood, so I'm claiming that I feel no shame in the following actions:

- Starting sentences with, "When I was in film school.." People don't have to know it was only for 20 weeks, and I did nothing hugely significant. (Emphasis on the nothing part.)

- Making coffee at 1 AM. Not so I can blow through schoolwork and get ahead, so I can stay up all night flipping through Tumblr and artblogs. Skeet skeet bang bang.

- Eating/drinking anything that isn't water after brushing my teeth.

- Telling myself my snacks are "healthier alternatives" to cookies because I use saltines. (Snack in question: Nutella and peanut butter sandwiched between two saltines. Oh my god, oh my god, such a good snack.)

- Pulling some BS excuse out of thin air so I can justify getting a Starbucks drink. (Beneath that I know that I'm just kidding myself.)

- Using my "one free absence" in classes just because it's there. "I'm feeling under the weather, won't be in class. :("

- Considering a walk from across campus back to my apartment complex as "today's exercise."

- Getting really inspired to change my lazy, procrastinating ways as I fall asleep, and laughing about it the next day. How absurd!

- POGOING AND FIST PUMPING AT CLUBS. This is my fitness center, bitches. And dancing like an asshole in general. (I don't know how else to dance! I also do some DDR style stomping and jumping. Not necessarily on purpose.)

- Taking extra time in coming up with some clever Twitter post.

- Thinking Jersey Shore is really fucking funny.

- Having those days where wearing leggings and a large tee is good enough" for the rest of the world, and walking around with a "DEAL WITH IT *SHADES*" attitude. (No one notices, but THAT'S NOT THE POINT.)

-Laughing at my Twitter feed and favorited posts.

-Ignoring my current homework to do blind contour drawings.
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