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14th-May-2015 04:19 pm(no subject)

If failure is the first step to success i am ready to move on to step 2 at this point.

4th-Sep-2011 11:31 am - Textbooks textbooks
Pickles: D'Aw! No!
Going to try out renting a textbook, because I refuse to pay more than 60 dollars for something I'll be using for 50 days. I'm already predisposed to not liking my professor because he doesn't allow older versions of the book. Childish complaint, but I guess those are left at the door when you go to college. >:(

This probably should of been a tweet, but I miss venting here.
1st-Feb-2011 01:46 am - Foods to make
Eric: Awesome Jacket
One of the things I love about this apartment is cooking myself things. Here's some videos for future reference when I want something different at the store.
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11th-Jan-2011 01:54 am - Shameless Pleasures
Mac:  Sup Bitches?
Normally I'd all these things guilty pleasures, but I'm in a careless sort of mood, so I'm claiming that I feel no shame in the following actions:

- Starting sentences with, "When I was in film school.." People don't have to know it was only for 20 weeks, and I did nothing hugely significant. (Emphasis on the nothing part.)

- Making coffee at 1 AM. Not so I can blow through schoolwork and get ahead, so I can stay up all night flipping through Tumblr and artblogs. Skeet skeet bang bang.

- Eating/drinking anything that isn't water after brushing my teeth.

- Telling myself my snacks are "healthier alternatives" to cookies because I use saltines. (Snack in question: Nutella and peanut butter sandwiched between two saltines. Oh my god, oh my god, such a good snack.)

- Pulling some BS excuse out of thin air so I can justify getting a Starbucks drink. (Beneath that I know that I'm just kidding myself.)

- Using my "one free absence" in classes just because it's there. "I'm feeling under the weather, won't be in class. :("

- Considering a walk from across campus back to my apartment complex as "today's exercise."

- Getting really inspired to change my lazy, procrastinating ways as I fall asleep, and laughing about it the next day. How absurd!

- POGOING AND FIST PUMPING AT CLUBS. This is my fitness center, bitches. And dancing like an asshole in general. (I don't know how else to dance! I also do some DDR style stomping and jumping. Not necessarily on purpose.)

- Taking extra time in coming up with some clever Twitter post.

- Thinking Jersey Shore is really fucking funny.

- Having those days where wearing leggings and a large tee is good enough" for the rest of the world, and walking around with a "DEAL WITH IT *SHADES*" attitude. (No one notices, but THAT'S NOT THE POINT.)

-Laughing at my Twitter feed and favorited posts.

-Ignoring my current homework to do blind contour drawings.
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